New Heading, Same Topics

Again, thanks Blake for setting this up.  He set it up with a heading entitled “Food and Drink”, knowing I like to share food and drink recipes.  But as I was thinking about it, I will probably share a lot more…so I changed it.  No biggie.

So make yourself a drink, it is hot here, 97 degress, and I am going to have a Chili-Beer-ita.  What is that you say?  Ah-ha, it is not for the weak, and maybe not for the sane or for purists.  (When it comes to food and drinks, I probably would not classify myself as a purist.  Not sure what I would be classified as, maybe strange would work.  Odd comes to mind also)  So, what is a Chili-Beer-ita?  Follow this recipe:

1.Start with a can of limeade (large usually works for me) thrown in a blender. (Iusually don’t like drinks in a blender either, but bear with me) 2.Fill the empty can with Chili-infused tequila. (Now you can buy this at a good liquor store–see Lukas Liquor in the St Louis area–or you can make your own.  More on that later) Add the Tequila to the limeade in the blender. 3. Again with the empty limeade can, fill it up with beer…if using a large can, just put the whole beer into the blender.  4. Add 1/2 can of triple sec.  5. Fill the blender up with ice, as much as you can and blend at a high speed…whoa, I hope you put the lid on.  Blend until it is not really slushy, mostly liquid. 6. Now take a glass, fill it with ice and pour.  On a hot day like today, the ice will melt a quite a bit. With all of the booze in that drink, it is important to fill the blender up with ice, then also fill your glass up with ice before pouring your drink.  Otherwise, you might take a page from Eric Clapton and cry “Can’t Find My Way Home”.

If you are having friends over, put on some Texas Blues (Stevie Ray Vaughn, Los Lobos, Fabulous T-Birds, Los Lonley Boys–okay they are more pop–or take your pick) and just enjoy life and be thankful for your blessings and tequila!

Today I was going to talk about one of the biggest days in US Soccer history, but I will cover that later.  Right now I hear a Chili-Beer-ita calling my name.  Nice.  Cheers!

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