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Almost forgot something key about that Chili-Beer-ita…it has a bit of a spicy kick to it…hence the name and the chilis.  So, if you would rather use 1/2 chili infused tequila and 1/2 regular tequila, that would work also.  Or you could use Mezcal with the chili infused tequila…that would be a “Fire-in-the-Holy-rita”.

Chili-infused Tequila Recipe:

1. Get a nice size jar with a large mouth and a lid. 2. Take 2-3, or however many chilis you want to try. (jalapenos work, as do the small red chilis.  I would suggest staying away from the serrano and habanero until you have tried this and gotten use to it)  Seed,stem and core the chilis, cut in quarters and place in the jar. 3. Fill the jar with a good quality tequila.  Does not have to be the best, but stay away from questionable stuff you had in college.  4.  Set the filled jar in a cool place for about a week or so and shake it up every day or so.

There you have it and you are on your way to a whole new experience and adventure in bastardizing classic drinks…enjoy!

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