Random thoughts, feelings, stuff…

In addition to posting those aforementioned items, I will be posting just some thoughts and musings on stuff.  As I said in one of my first posts, and this could still be considered one of my first, I used to do some writing.  Nothing much.  But during the mid-late eighties I wrote down things happening in life, various quotes, and pretty much whatever moved me to write.  This is when the boys were all much younger, before the entire family got involved in organized sports and we were going in different directions which were challenging according to the laws of physics.  When that started to evolve, I guess I just “didn’t have the time”.  A shame.  I wish I had kept it up.  So, now I can.  And in the process, I will “reprint” some of those writings I put down on paper back in the day…before all of this wonderful (?) technology.

I will post something a little later on, but for now I would like to post a quote from Gale Sayers.  It was also the name of a book on his life, and it is something I have “reallllly” tried to keep in mind as I have gone about living my life.  The quote is:

My Lord is First

My Neighbor Second

I Am Third 

Pretty good advice.  Don’t you think?

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