Apologies to Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass

The art of mixology has become quite popular.  In many cities nowadays you can find great bars and restaurants that feature wonderful mixologists who are not afraid to experiment with a new cocktail or three.   In Nashville, they have the Patterson House which has receive national recognition for their establishment and what they serve. (I went there with a few friends from work and must admit, while Tootsie’s offers up Nashville’s most famous blend of music and drink,  The Patterson House is a must for someone who appreciates a bit of swagger and elegance served in their drink.)

Here in St Louis, we have quite a few establishments serving up creative cocktails.  And you can be sure that wherever Ted Kilgore is, there will be a great drink waiting for you.  One of his cocktails was recently featured in the Southwest Airlines in-flight magazine…yes I actually picked it up.  It sounded pretty good, and I am sure it is.  But, and there is always a but, I thought I would put my own twist on it.  Thus…The Tijuana Taxi was born…with apologies to Herb Alpert of course.

Tijuana Taxi  (serves one small drink, especially if you like it.  I usually double this for one drink)

1. Muddle together in a shaker 10-12 mint leaves, 4-5 blackberries and 1.5 oz of simple syrup. I have found when muddling it sometimes brings out the flavors if you add a few small pieces of cracked ice.

2. To the shaker add 3 oz of a blanco or silver Tequila.  Whatever your preference.  (For those who use cheaper liquor for “mixing” drinks, because you are mixing and not drinking it straight, and I use to be one, I say “Bullshit”.  Use the better stuff, it tastes better, much better.  You don’t need Don Julio reserve, or Cuervo Familia, that is for sipping.  But break out something that will not give you that hangover you use to get in college from shooting shots of something that came in a plastic bottle with a handle and tasted like that fluid you put in the Tiki Torches around you deck.)

3. Shake up the mixture and serve over ice with a sprig of mint and another blackberry.

It makes for a unique and refreshing summer drink.  If Tequila is not your poison, you can try a Dominican Soul by just replacing the Tequila with a nice quality Cane Rum.

Enjoy the drink and enjoy life!  Until the next post…

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