Those of you who know me,  also know that in addition to food and drink, I also enjoy photography.  Lots  of different kinds of photography…sports, family, nature…mostly just helping to capture that special moment in time and hold on to a memory.

Sometimes I am in a position to capture a reflection.  It is seldom planned.  But they can make really nice photos.

I find that the photos often  reflect in more than the obvious.  For example, this photo reflects the snow covered mountains in the partially frozen lake.  It can also reflect a wonderful moment in time that Diana and I are having on the way up to Yellowstone.  We intentionally did stop here to take some photos…okay I stopped, actually, I stopped a lot.  But that is another story.

Another photo, shows the Washington Monument in the reflecting pond at our Nation’s Capital.  This was taken exactly one year after the tragedy of 9/11/2001.  I think it reflects the stillness that the nation was experiencing and an uncertain time…perhaps the calm before the storm.

Last year Diana, Yvonne, Blake and I visited Versailles.  (talk about taking pictures…everywhere you turn is another photo op…of course I couldn’t pass these up…and the “apple doesn’t fall far”, Blake)  A picture I took of the gardens at Versailles reflects the botanical paradise that was created in Marie Antoinette’s time, and the reflections of this paradise in the lifestyles of the bourgeoise of the time.  

In another one of my favorite “reflecting photos” you see with your eyes the reflections in Washington of the morning sky, trees and the Vietnam memorial.  But the reflections in your heart may show you the lives of Americans that were sacrificed for their country.  The sadness we have, because we miss them…or the sadness we feel because we miss someone else. Perhaps the reflections show us the Fathers and Mothers gone and lost, the Sons and Daughters who won’t get a chance to grow up and enjoy the life they sacrificed for, or maybe the reflections just remind us of a friend with whom we walked side by side, and then they were gone…

It is the reflections that we do not see with the eyes that are the strongest.  And lasting.

So, with that in mind…here is my reflection.  Reflect on your life.  Ask yourself one question…



In the meantime, it is your life, make the most of it.   And those you invite into it…cherish them every day.

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