Over-Achievers, Unite. You Know Who U Are

Once upon a time, I thought of an overachiever as someone who performed at a level above their means.  In the classroom.  On the athletic field.  Whatever they took upon themselves, they over-achieved…and were successful.  In some respects, this defines me…but that is not what this is about.  Because in other ways, this is not me.  But this is my post…so…I will address what is me.

I never thought of it in the way I think of it now that I approach “Double Nickle”.  I always thought of it in the traditional way.  As aforementioned…classroom, athletics, even professions.  But thanks to a friend of mine, Nick we will call him (’cause that is his name) I look upon it in a whole different perspective.  In this term, an Over-Achiever is a man who is with a woman, who is out of his league.  C’mon, you have seen them together.  You have even said, WTF???  He must be rich …or he must be….well, you know.

Anyway, this is how I think of over-achievers nowadays.  Guys with girls, that make someone say. Uh?  What’s up with that?  What kind of cosmic bend in the universe just happened?  Does she feel sorry for him, or did he donate a kidney to her mother?  Maybe he has a secret spell on her…?

And that is how I feel.  I am married to a wonderful, beautiful woman that makes me feel like an overachiever.  I have felt like that since the day I laid eyes upon her…then had the audacity to ask her out…then asked for her hand in marriage.   That was 33 years ago yesterday. Cool.  I am lucky and an overachiever.  I guess I should play the lottery or something.  But instead, I will count my blessings.  And be thankful.  And a word to my fellow over-achievers…good for us!  We done good!

On a side note, as the weather cools down and you need a warm sensation in your belly…this might help.

Vitamin C Manhattan

  • 3 oz Citrus infused bourbon (recipe follows)
  • 1/2 oz sweet vermouth
  • 1/2 oz dry vermouth
  • 4 dashes of Orange bitters
  • a barspoon of Orange Marmalade

Place all in a shaker, shake for 30 seconds, and pour and enjoy.

Recipe for Citrus Infused Bourbon

  • One bottle of quality bourbon ( I like to use Buffalo Trace)
  • the zest of one orange and one lemon, be sure to avoid the pith…insert joke here.
  • One Vanilla bean split down the middle and spread open.
  • Combine all in a jar and let sit for 5 days, mixing a little each day.

Enjoy one of these Vitamin C Manhattans while you enjoy life and all that it delivers to your feet.  Including the opportunity to be an overachiever.  No worries…no regrets…

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