Thanksgiving…I’ll Take Manhattan, in Australia

This year, Tyler is taking a little bit of a US tradition down under.  He is still in Australia and will spend Thanksgiving there with a few buds from the states.  They intend to treat their Aussie ‘mates to a good ole’ traditional Thanksgiving dinner…probably minus the American version of football.  But it will be a sumptuous feast, no doubt.

While this may be an abbreviated post, sorry about that, it will serve well to provide Tyler what he needs to make sure he and his friends (Justin and Sam) show the ‘mates in Australia how we roll in late November in the states…

P.S….for those who are used to me going on about recipes and ingredients and the such…those are not to be found much in this post.  Keep in mind, Tyler is living with three other “twenty-somethings” away from home, on their own and finding much sustenance in Ramen noodles, tuna and hot sauce.  So I have tried to keep this in mind as I provided him these recipes…

There are, and I have found, several different types of Manhattans. However since your resources are limited, I will keep it simple.

Manhattan Cocktail

  • 3 oz a pretty good bourbon, you know the difference. (This part is not “relative”. Old Grandad or High Times is not “pretty good” just because it is all you have!  Just figure that if your friends in college would buy it…it probably is not that good.)
  • 2 oz sweet (red) vermouth (if you do not want as sweet, use 1.5 oz)
  • 2-3 dashes of angostura bitters…although since your resources are limited…you can do without them.
  • Mix well and add a maraschino cherry or an orange twist.

This makes a healthy portioned drink…but instead of saying 2 oz or 1 oz, I figured you would have more than one anyway. Also, the traditional way to drink this is “Straight up” in a chilled martini glass. But as you know, sometimes traditional is not the best way…whatever you enjoy is best.

If you have any triple sec and/or Grand Marnier, it might be worth your while to try 1 oz vermouth and 1 oz Grand Marnier.

Oh, I forgot, you need to have a nice cigar also. Again, you can tell the difference between a good one and one that Welps or Harris would buy…just joking guys.

As far as the Turkey goes, be sure to “brine” it before you begin to cook it. It needs to brine for at least 8-16 hours. What you do is:

In a large pot, combine 1 cup kosher salt, 1/4 cup sugar, and 2 quarts cool water. Put the pot over high heat and stir occasionally until the salt and sugar dissolve. Remove from the heat and let cool. Stir in another 2 quarts water and chill in the refrigerator. You can also add all kinds of other things to a brine…cut up apples, lemons, oranges, brown sugar, onions cinnamon sticks…but the sugar and salt are the important things.

Remove the neck and giblets, don’t bother with them. Just toss.

Rinse the turkey well. Double up a couple of large trash bags and put the bird in the bag. Pour the brine over the turkey (have someone hold the bags open for you, if possible). Then put somewhere cool. A cooler…refrigerator…whatever works so long as it stays cool.

Remove the bird from the brine and rinse well…you want that salt off of the turkey.

Preheat oven to 500 degrees

Coat the turkey lightly with a little Canola oil…will help brown the skin. If you don’t have any, melt some butter. If you don’t have this, Hawaiian Tropic works well also…not!

Put the bird in a big roasting pan, you may need to get one of those aluminum foil pans to use.

(Another option is to take apples, oranges, lemons, onions rosemary or cinnamon and mix it with a cup of water in the microwave for about 5 minutes, or put in a pan on the stove until it boils. Then take the water and the ingredients (orange, apple, lemon, etc) and place in the turkey’s cavity before cooking.)

Roast the turkey for about 30 minutes at 500 degrees, then reduce the oven temperature to 350 degrees. A 16 pound bird should probably take about 2-2.5 hours. When in doubt, check the internet.

Take it out of the oven and cover with foil, loosely, and let sit for about 15 minutes. (Now might be a good time for another Manhattan!!)

(By the way…you could always put the bird on the grill and cook there.  Still need to brine it.  And the grill might take a while longer…but it does make for a tasty turkey)

And Thanksgiving wouldn’t be the same without Momma’s Jell-O Salad…


1 Pkg. Regular Lime Jello

1 cup boiling water

¼ cup sugar

1 large pkg. cream cheese

½-1 cup miniature marshmallows

1 cup pecans

1 small can crushed pineapple, drained

1/2 pint whipping cream

In an 8 inch square pan or a jello mold, mix jello, water, sugar and cream cheese until it dissolves. Let mixture chill until it slightly thickens. Whip cream. Add all other ingredients and fold in whipped cream last. Chill till set

So, there you go Tyler.  This should put you in a good position to entertain for Thanksgiving down under.  We will miss you and you will miss us.  But we still have a lot to be thankful for…such as the internet…Skype…a good Manhattan…a turkey….and one another and the opportunities that this wonderful life offers all of us.

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