Celebrate Now…Time is Limited, Really It Is

The holiday season is a busy one…duh.  I mean it can get away from you very easily and you can forget an important sumpin’ sumpin’.  No not, Christmas Eve, or Christmas Day, of course.  I don’t even mean Festivus or Kwanza or Hanukkah or any one of the other “celebrated days”.

Actually for many years we had an extra celebration tucked in between Christmas Day and New Years Eve.  And there were times when it seemed like an effort to throw this extra celebration in during the already packed time that was so limited.  But time is limited.  I know, once again John is brilliant…duh.  Of course time is limited.  It is just that there are times in your life that you do not realize it is sooooo limited.  Unfortunately it is usually when you are younger…naive…foolish…selfish…you pick one that applies the best for you.  But when that day of celebration between Christmas and New Years Eve is no longer celebrated…you wish you could take time and turn it back a few years…so you could appreciate the celebration again.  Maybe even lead that celebration.  Go out of your way to make that day a real special one for all.

That day happened a few days ago…

It was Jackie’s birthday.

And there were times when I thought it was a “chore” to have to celebrate another day during a season already full of celebrations.  I wish we could celebrate it with her now.  Jackie is Diana’s mom.  My mother-in-law.  For some, ’nuff said.

We had a unique relationship.  ‘Nuff said.

But I wish she was here to celebrate her birthday with us again.  Happy Birthday Mom.  We miss you and I raise a glass to you…although it is not that Mogen David crap you used to have at the house…!!!






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  1. You are a good man father. And I love reading your blog…


    • Thank you T. Take one to know one. Love you. Glad you enjoy it and hope things are going real well down under.


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