Revolution Resolution

If you look around, in certain areas of interest, you might agree that there seems to be a revolution taking place.   A cocktail revolution.

Viva the Revolution!

Or, it could just be me.  I have noticed lately there seems to be more of an effort to have Specialty Mixed drinks on menus at bars and restaurants.  Perhaps they have always been there and I did not notice.  Also, the word mixologist seems to be in vogue during the past few years.  More than just a bartender, the mixologist delves into the art of mixing spirits and flavors to create an outcome that you will want again and again.  They revive “our” love affair with the cocktail.

It doesn’t stop there.  At newsstands and in bookstores, shelves are filling up with magazines and books that introduce us, or re-introduces us, to a variety of drinks.  Drinks that are new, vintage and reinvented.  Diana gave me a subscription to Imbibe magazine recently.  Great magazine for those of us who are 21 and older, and enjoy a tipple or tree, uh, I mean three.  This mag covers spirits, wine and beer in all kinds of approaches…recipes, different types of a certain liquor, various takes of ales, pairing with foods…you get the picture.  I like it.  And at your local bookstore, or chain, or online, you can find several new books on the subject that are written extremely well…both entertaining and information.  The book Imbibe, by David Wondrich, presents historical relevance to cocktails for which the recipes are given.   Another book, Boozehound, by Jason Wilson, is part travel guide, part review for spirits, part recipe book and all entertaining.  I received both of these for Christmas.  And speaking of travel, I also received from Diana the book, Three Sheets.  This book, by Zane Lamprey, takes you on a world tour, touching down only to buy everyone a round of drinks.  He visits 15 countries and examines their traditions of alcohol consumption.  From drinking Champagne in the French region that gave it it’s name…to throwing back the local spirit from the blue agave in Mexico.  What a job this guy has.  What a headache he must get!

So, Viva the Revolution.  Here is the Resolution.

I typically do not make many New Years resolutions.  In the past I may have made a few quietly to myself…read more books this year…see more Cardinal games…have more fun…pretty innocuous stuff.

But this year, I am going out on a limb and puttin’  it in print, or whatever this is…

Considering all I just mentioned about “drinking”, my resolution for 2011 is to try one new cocktail each week.  Not beer…too easy.  Not wine…again, easy…I will probably do that without trying.

No, I mean a cocktail.  With adult alcohol.  Responsibly of course, as always.  And then I commit to sharing the cocktail and recipe, if possible.  And if anyone tries one of these, and has a recommendation on how to improve it, let me know.  I would love to try it.

So, my first drink of 2011 I have named the Kodi.  It is named after our dog.  Rescued dog, mixed breed we believe of Husky and Chow…not positive that is the mix, but we will go with that for now.  This is named after him because each ingredient is a “serious” ingredient that means business by itself. (Kodi is the same way.  He comes across as meaning some serious business.)  But you put these together and you can enjoy a wonderful mixture of spirits that is smooth with no bite at all…a nice finish… (again, usually Kodi has a stronger bark and becomes your friend once he knows you are not a threat). 


  • 2.5 ounces of bourbon (again, Buffalo Trace is a good go to one I like)
  • .5 ounces of Sweet Vermouth (Dolins or Noilly Prat are both nice)
  • .5 ounces of Dry Vermouth
  • .5 ounces of Benedictine
  • Place ingredients in a shaker with ice and shake for a minute or so.
  • Pour into an old fashion glass with a single ice-cube (one of those large ones the size of a cue ball)
  • I garnished my drink with a bing cherry that had soaked in bourbon.

I know there are many other varieties of this drink out there, and they all seem to take a cue from the classic Manhattan.  Just thought I would try it and I am glad I did.  If you like bourbon, you might be glad also.

So, there is the revolution and the resolution.

One more thing…this year I am also going to “do my best” to love stronger, laugh harder, be happier and enjoy this life I have as much as I can without hurting myself or others…all of this with family and friends…God willing.

Cheers, Skol, Bottoms UP!

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