Three Dog Night?…Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

Three Dog Night on the brink of extinction?  Joy to the World no more?  Did anyone tell Jeremiah the Bullfrog?  I know they have not had a hit in recent years, after being one of the Top 10 hit producers from 1969 – 1974, but extinct? 

Oh, you mean the Australian Aboriginal custom of a Three Dog Night!  Now that makes sense…or does it?

This custom is one that determines how cold the night is by how many dogs are sleeping with you (the four-legged kind, get your mind out of the gutter)…a one dog night is cold…two dog night is freezing cold…three dog night is freakin’ brrrrrr. 

Recently there have been numerous articles in newspapers and on-line that extol the reasons why “man’s best friend”, might not be that if you get too close…or let them sleep with you.  Really?  Sleeping with the enemy?  Aw, c’mon now.


Researchers at a university in California, where I doubt if they have ever had a “three dog night”, have determined that sleeping with your pet dog can invite all kinds of disease and germs galore into your bed…and your being.  One article even referenced the plague.  The plague?  Who wrote that?  Charles Dickens? 

Okay having your pet pooch sleep with you, or lie with you on the couch, may not be optimum…but have these researchers seen what humans do?  Or don’t do?  Okay,  everyone raise your hand if you have witnessed someone leaving a public restroom without washing their hands.  One, two, three…Uh-huh, just what I thought.  Me too.  (I have witnessed it, that is)  And the next time you are in the car driving around, instead of texting observe the people in other cars on the road.  I would dare say that if you are in traffic and travel for more than ten minutes, you WILL see someone picking their nose!!  Do you really want to chance shaking someone’s hand who has just been…well, in their car? Or how about those who sneeze and then want to shake your hand?  And let’s not even get started on those little kids with snot running down their nose (Jethro Tull song reference…Aqualung lyrics…time for schooling some of the uninitiated) who wipe their nose upward to glaze their whole face like a doughnut.  Then grab the handle of the shopping cart at the grocery store!!

I am not sure I am buying into this whole plague thing.  Diana has been sleeping with me for over 33 years…and she hasn’t contracted the plague or any other major diseases (that we can tell) from that. 

Besides, from where I stand, I think the benefits far outweigh the risk.  Like Alexandra Horowitz says in her book, “Inside of a Dog”,  “To be nudged by a dog’s nose, is a pleasure unmatched.”  I really do not think these granola-eating researchers had much to do anyway.  Perhaps they were trying to put a good fright into us. We sure are given a lot of “don’ts” from experts.  And I don’t think most us pay much attention to them.

I know one person who won’t pay attention to this don’t…actually I know more than one.  But I can almost guaran-3 dog night-tee you that Rachel won’t pay attention to this don’t.  Rachel is a beautiful person with a kind heart and a strong will and mind…kind of like the person I married (see: Diana).  And she has a Pomeranian that she rescued a few years back…Angel.  Angel is a one-eyed, two teeth, three-legged rescued dog that Rachel took in and then Angel in turn took Rachel’s heart.  Angel was a puppy maker from a puppy mill.  Her poor feet never even touch real grass or dirt for years (Angel, not Rachel).  After she was pretty much “bred-out”, she was dumped on the streets.  Enter Rachel.


To say that Rachel has spoiled Angel, would be, well I guess, an understatement of sorts…but that is another story.  Oh, by the way, Rachel is Drew’s girlfriend. (Sorry, I don’t even know if that term is PC anymore, but I don’t know what else to say)  And I also know that while Drew is key in Rachel’s life, sometimes he vies for that top spot with Angel. ( grin )  And often, Angel fights to put herself between Rachel and Drew…literally and figuratively.  Which the rest of us actually get a kick out of…

 So it is in Angel’s honor that I give you the latest installment of my “Cocktail of the Week”.  I have to admit, it is a version of another cocktail that a top mixologist, one of the top mixologists, Misty Kalkofen, has created.  I make a little alteration to my version, and thus I try to justify the name change.  I take no credit, as I give that to Misty.  Misty serves her cocktail, named Maximilian Affair, in a martini or cocktail glass. I change the ingredients slightly and prefer mine on the rocks, in an old-fashioned glass, with a lemon twist. Either way you choose is fine.


So in honor of Angel, I introduce Angeles Mordida…or Angel’s Bite.  The reason I decided to call it Angeles Mordida (Angel’s Bite) is because she sounds fierce…but is sweet.  Just like this cocktail.  The fact that it has Tequila in it, sounds fierce and may turn off those who have had a bad experience (shame, shame, shame), but this is actually an innocuously delightful cocktail if enjoyed responsibly.

Angeles Mordida

  1.  1.5 ounces Tequila (blanco)…(do not try to skimp and use cheap stuff…do yourself a favor)
  2.  .75 ounces Elderflower liquor  (St Germaine is a top shelf one, but Thatcher’s makes a  very  nice one also)
  3. .5 ounce Sweet Vermouth ( again, I prefer Dolin or Noilly Pratt)
  4. .25 ounce fresh lemon juice
  5. Lemon zest

 Put all but the lemon zest in a cocktail shaker with some crushed ice.  Shake for 30 seconds.  Strain into an old-fashioned glass with a single (large) ice cube.  Add the lemon zest.  Zest the lemon over the glass so some of the oils from the lemon make it’s way into the drink.  Enjoy the drink and the surprise that comes along with it…it is very smooth.

 So, I hope you enjoy this drink.  I like it, thank you for the inspiration Misty and Angel. 

And I hope you enjoy your pet dogs.  However you wish.  On the couch.  On the bed.  In your lap.  However you choose.  It is your life and if you enjoy it, don’t let some researchers from Cali, who do not know the joy of sharing space with a loving canine, convince you otherwise. Benefits probably outweigh the risks.  Like I said, they have probably never experienced a “Three Dog Night” or have probably never heard them sing about “Jeremiah the Bullfrog”. 

However, I might be able to understand if these researchers were talking about cats…now  that is a horse of a different color….

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