This is Not a Recipe. Better? Yeah, Easily

There is a song that was released a few weeks back.  It is called “Blessed”, and it is by Lucinda Williams. Williams is a Blues, Rock, Country and Folk music singer/songwriter.  This Grammy nominee and award winner takes her skill and talents to our daily lives then allows us to see things we might overlook.  The recent hit, “Blessed” is already in the running to be one of my early favorites for 2011. 

 We were blessed by the minister
Who practiced what he preached
We were blessed by the poor man
Who said heaven is within reach

I am sure we all have days, perhaps weeks, that things just don’t seem to “fit” right.  I don’t mean clothing, although it seems that happens between Thanksgiving and New Years…hmmm, wonder what that is from?

No, I am talking about when there is just something bothering you…maybe you are grumpy…perhaps it seems like there is a splinter the size of a baseball bat stuck under your skin somewhere…but something just isn’t right.  It seems off.  A little unsettling.  Dare I say depressing?  Okay. Just did.  It could be work…relatives…friends…or just simply an overwhelming feeling of “uncertainty or unhappiness”, although it isn’t like you have a reason not to be happy.  Make sense?  Naw, I didn’t think it would.  But, if I ask if it has happened at some time, then you might understand. 

 We were blessed by the warrior
Who didn’t need to win
We were blessed by the blind man
Who could see for miles and miles
We were blessed by the fighter
Who didn’t fight for the prize

Anyway, this song, pulls you right out of that feeling…grabs you by the throat and pulls you up.  Not because it is an upbeat, uplifting, earth-shaking, bone rattling, roll down the windows kind of song.  (musically it actually is far from being upbeat, it sounds almost sad)  It is because it reminds us of all of the little things in life that BLESS us.  The things we seem to forget, but we shouldn’t.  Some of these blessings are all around us and we do not see them.  We might have on our “blinders”…like the horses running a race at Churchill Downs or Fairmount Racetrack.  Maybe we are too focused on other “important” things.  Too concentrated on “what if’s” and “why nots” and “WTF”?

This song grabs you where it matters most and slaps the “sorryness” outta your sorry butt. 


By Lucinda Williams.

And I am.

My dad was a hard-working blue-collar guy.  And if you met him in a social environment, you may or may not realize that…depending upon the situation.  The same with Diana’s dad.  He worked in a plant most of his life.  Dad, Al, cleaned up pretty well.  He didn’t always work blue-collar, but that is where life took him as he provided for the family.  I remember my Dad, and Mom for that matter, often saying things like “they wanted more in life for their children than what they had”.  Which was a lot.  Especially when you were 8, or 12, or even 15.  Sometimes you don’t know what you have, or what you don’t have, until you “know” it. (What did I just say?)  Diana’s folks were the same way.  They always wanted more for their children.  It seems both sets of parents succeeded in that…I think.  It depends upon your measuring stick.

Me too.  I want more for my sons.  So does Diana.  We have always tried to give it to them, or lead them to it, without “spoiling them” or giving them too much.  C’mon, part of life and growing and learning is figuring out how to get it yourself.  Yep, mistakes will be made.  But so will successes.  Victories.  How to achieve.  Realize.  Enjoy.  Be accountable.  Sometimes that is the hard part.  Because you want to help, you want to provide…even give “unsolicited wisdom”.  But sometimes you just need to stick a sock in your mouth and shut the hell up.  And pray they will figure it out.  But be there for them so they can take things a step farther than you…have more than you.  Again, depending upon your measuring stick.

Drew stopped by the other day just to say hello and spend some time with Diana and I.  Nice.  We enjoyed it.  It reminded me of how lucky I was, am, we are.  It was also nice to hear what all is going on in his life.  Made me smile…a good thing.  Made me proud.  Made me feel Blessed.

We were blessed by the minister
Who practiced what he preached
We were blessed by the poor man
Who said heaven is within reach
We were blessed by the girl selling roses
Showed us how to live

All three boys make us feel that way.  Even tho’ Blake and Yvonne are in Oslo, Norway where they just bought their first residence and are embarking upon new business ventures;  Drew is travelling all over the country working Fashion Week, providing training to others and keeping his regular customers (and hopefully Rachel) happy as he steadies himself for the “next thing”; and Tyler, who just signed on with Sunshine George Cross futbol team in Melbourne, Australia…we are in constant touch with them and speak to each of them all of the time.  (THANK YOU SKYPE!!!)  They are all experiencing a wonderful life that is the right place for them at this time…with plans (Yeah, amazing isn’t it? Plans!) to take things to the next level of their life…enjoyment…challenges…Blessings. (there it is again, Blessings)

I will have another cocktail recipe in the next day or so.  But this is more important than any cocktail…any recipe…anything tangible.  This is about being thankful for our life, and all that is in it.

So, although there is no recipe, go ahead raise your glass.  No matter what is in it.  OJ.  Cocktail.  Wine.  Water.  Beer.  Milk… matter.

Raise it and join me in a toast to us!  Our Blessings.  This life.  If you are a parent…raise your glass to our children!  If not, I am sure you can find a reason to raise it to your parents!  Raise it to yourself.  Or to whatever you find that is bringing you joy in your life at this moment!  Because we are…all together now… BLESSED.

We were blessed by the wounded man
Who felt no pain
By the wayfaring stranger
Who knew our names
We were blessed by the homeless man
Who showed us the way home
We were blessed by the hungry man
Who filled us with love
By the little innocent baby
Who taught us the truth


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