Quietly, Shhhh, a Life is Lived and Celebrated

Yesterday was April 11.  Quiet day.

There was no circle around the date on the calendar.  No major break through, no key issues or holidays.  Banks were open.  Mail was delivered.  Stocks exchanged.

Historically it would not be considered a “red-letter” date.  I didn’t hear any trumpets sounding or drums banging in unison…no marching bands.

I am sure no one would remember “where they were” on this day, unlike September 11.

The headlines in the newspaper were not, what you would call…memorable.  And for those who get their news on the web, ditto.  Not much happening, nothing significant to speak of…

But maybe there should have been.

Yesterday, April 11, was Adrian Stahl’s birthday.  Now to prove my point, most of you just said, uh?  Well, this is Diana’s Dad, and with no slight to my own Father, it is someone I was proud to call my Dad also. (Actually, I believe Al would agree)

Perhaps it is fitting.  You see, Adie, as he was known, lived life without fanfare.  Quiet.  Soft spoken.  Humble.  In a crowded room, you might miss him unless he approached you.  Then you felt his presence and sincerity.

It is just the way he lived.  Quietly.

Not to say he was quiet.  He could have a lot of fun, laugh and joke with everyone.  He had no preconceptions about anyone…he was open to all…the way more people should be.

You needed something…he was there with it.   Help was required…he was in line.   The church.  Friends.  Family.  Strangers…really didn’t matter.  He was there with his tool box, or with just his strong backbone.

He didn’t whine.  No complaining.  Just an occasional observation.

But always love.

For life.  For family.  For God.  Quietly.

Aches.  Pains.  Struggles.  We all have them.  But you wouldn’t know it about Adie.  He kept those things to himself.  Perhaps too much at times.  Didn’t want to inconvenience anyone.  No bother.  No worry.  No harm.  No Foul.

That is just the way he was.  Taking the road many of us did not travel as much as he did.

Also the way he lived his life.  Quietly.

So, I am quietly remembering him and being thankful for God bringing him into my life…and his daughter.




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  1. This is great Uncle John. I took a personal moment to remember Grandpa Stahl on St. Patties day as I always pull his cat-in-the-hat, hat out. While he was such a soft spoken man, his character was larger than life. Happy Birthday Adie.


    • I bet that hat looked goofy on you too! Glad you enjoyed this Garrett. I enjoyed writing it.


  2. Thank you John

    You described my father so eloquently. I am so proud to be able to call him “My Dad” as he touched so many lives in a positive way. He had so many wonderful characteristics but the obvious was his love for the Lord, his wife, and his family.


    • I’m glad he touched my life. Just another way God has blessed me.


  3. Awesome job Pop. Made me smile. Miss the times, love the memories.


    • Thanks T…me too.


    • Yea, me too, T, love ya


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