Just Shake it Up…Ooh ooh…Shake it Up

Nobody really likes change.  Even a baby with a dirty diaper cries during their change.  It just shows how, from a very young age, we are programmed to put up with a lot of sh*t, before we are willing to change something…even if it is for the better.

Although, I do believe that change is good, in many cases.  Or at least it doesn’t have to be bad.  Or something to be fearful of…

I used to work at a place where they would change up the staff and the accounts you had, just to stay fresh.  Move people from one region to another…have them change accounts every couple of years or so…to keep that creative edge, to stay fresh.  I didn’t like it at first, but I do think it was a good practice and I believe I benefited from it.  So did the company.

St Louis Cardinals baseball manager Tony LaRussa likes to shake it up.  He is well-known to employ several different  batting lineups, move fielders around and he is not afraid to “shake up” the bullpen if needed.

Maybe, that is the operative phrase here…”if needed”.  Although that is a relative term.  Open to much subjectivity.  Change it…Keep it fresh…Mix it up a bit…Shake it up.

It reminds me of the song by The Cars from the 80’s…”Shake it Up”.

Dance all night
play all day
don’t let nothing get in the way.

 Dance all night
get real loose
you don’t need no bad excuse

 Just Shake it up. 

And that made me think of the tool of the trade for many “mixologists”…the cocktail shaker.  These are really cool items, that I once thought to be frivolous…okay, maybe they are.  But they are cool anyway.  Today’s have become so creative in shapes, sizes and colors…Penguins, Bulldogs, Airplanes, Blue, Green, Pink, Small, Medium and Large.  Besides all that, they can be fun to use.

The cocktail shaker is all a part of the “ambiance” that today’s mixologist offers up to his patrons…or in my case, simply my guests.  Mixing, Pouring, Measuring, Squeezing, Muddling, Shaking…whew, I think I need a drink after all of that!  (I choose not to get into the debate of shaking versus stirring…when one is needed or not, better or not…I just shake most of the time)  Like The Cars said:

Dance all night
with anyone
don’t let nobody pick your fun.

Just Shake it Up.

And while we are “shaking it up” a bit…how about a cocktail?

In the 1800’s, when cocktails were first being served by true bartenders (who were looked upon as entertainers), a cocktail was simply described as a drink containing your favorite spirit(s), some sugar, bitters and fruit juice.  That basic recipe hasn’t changed all that much.

I was at Casa Fuente, in Las Vegas(Lost Wages) recently and enjoyed a Side Car.  Earlier that night, I had a Margarita at Bobby Flay’s Mesa Grill.  And a few nights before that, I was at a party hosted by Purus Vodka and enjoyed a Bellini with Purus.

What does all that all have in common?

Dance all night
whirl your hair
make the night cats stop and stare.

Shake it Up.

It is simply this…you can enjoy a lot of really simple, really good drinks by shaking it up a little and changing the ingredients slightly.

Consider this.  A Side Car = Brandy + Lemon Juice + Cointreau

 Shake it Up

Swap out the Brandy for Vodka, the lemon juice for lime juice and add some Cranberry juice = Cosmo

Get rid of the Cranberry juice and replace it with Lime juice + add Tequila instead of Vodka = Margarita

Now replace the Tequila back with Vodka and it is Kamikaze time!

You like Bourbon?  Add that instead of the Vodka to sugar and a muddled orange or lemon with bitters and you are making an Old Fashion.

Your “poison” is Rum?  Muddle mint + Lime Juice + sugar + Rum = Mojito

So just by changing things slightly you can go in all kinds of directions.

I find this helpful “outside of the cocktail world” also.

Shake up your daily routine or schedule a bit.  Get out of a “routine” that might put you in a rut.  Stay fresh.  Try something new.  Be creative. Different.  “Color outside of the lines” that you usually stay within.  Add this, take away that and enjoy something new…

…all in good taste and judgement, of course.

In the meantime, like The Cars say…

Dance all night
whirl your hair
make the night cats stop and stare.

Dance all night go to work
do the move with quirky jerk.

Shake it Up!

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