Diana’s Garden…Beautiful to Look At, Refreshing to Drink.

This is a unique time of the year for many of us.  Here in the Midwest, we have just (barely) got through a stormy season filled with tornadoes and a lot of damage all around us.  Spring is usually kinda wet, with storms, but this has been ridiculous!  And before we could dry ourselves off, we begin to bake in record-setting heat.  So, lots of change in the weather…

Additionally this time of year brings about change in another way…School’s Out For Summer…as Alice Cooper sang.  And for others who are graduating, they are either joining in the job hunt with hundreds of others or going towards a fresh start in college.  Again a change and a new beginning.

This is also the time of the year when Diana gets her mojo working in the yard.  Another “New Beginning”.  Plants begin to show up…out of nowhere.  On the side of the house.  In front of the garage doors.  On the deck…the patio…behind the firepit…front porch…you never know where you are likely to find a plant(s).

And that’s not all…topsoil in 40 pound bags…plant fertilizer…pots…trellises…stakes…hanging things…vining things…and a bunch of other stuff that stinks, seriously it smells bad…except to the rabbits.

This is when Diana is in her glory.  Oh, of course she is remarkable teaching on the ice.  She has staked her claim to being an expert in that area long before her first video was ever produced.  But this is different.  She loves her work…her job…teaching hockey players to skate.

But she LOVES gardening.  Notice I put that in all caps?  It is because she does!  It is her therapy. (some may say “thus it is mine”) She embraces the dirt…potting soil…the plants.  She gets out in the garden and, as Donnie Brasco would say…”Fughitaboutit”!  She becomes one with the soil.  (if you saw her out there, you would know what I was talking about) Time stands still when she is out there…at least it does for her.  She is like a little kid who is called by their parent to come to dinner when they are playing.  I can tell her, call her and finally just tell her I will eat without you!

She is always trying to do something new, something unique in the garden.  We have cactus, banana trees, lime trees, succulents, and things I can’t spell or pronounce…and Diana “makes it work”!  And sometimes, against the odds.

But…and here is the but…it is wonderful.  Diana, and her green thumb, turn our back yard into a garden of paradise.  Adam and “what’s her name” would be envious…come August.

Because there are few things better than sitting in our backyard…on the deck…on the patio…relaxing being surrounded by all of the beautiful things growing because of Diana’s patience.

So, here is a cocktail to try that I have named “Diana’s Garden”…because of the botanicals involved, plus she likes Gin.

Diana’s Garden

  • 2 ounces of Hendricks gin
  • 2 one inch thick pieces of cucumber
  • 1 ounce Elderflower liquor
  • .5 ounce of fresh lime juice
  • 2 dashes of Rose water
  • Splash of club soda
  • Muddle the cucumber and the lime juice together in a mixing tin.
  • Add the Elderflower liquor, Hendricks and Rose water in the mixing tin and shake well.
  • Pour over ice in a tall glass and add the club soda and stir
  • Garnish with a lime wedge

You will have a refreshing drink that can be enjoyed best in the summertime…on the deck…on the patio in your own little paradise.

This gardening thing is Diana’s passion.  I am glad she has it.  We all need something that we can retreat to and enjoy.  Forget time.  Just immerse  ourselves into something and when we come up for air…voila’…amazing.

I hope you find yours.  Diana has found hers.

I found mine.

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