What A Wonderful World…

I just returned from a family vacation (without the Griswalds, thank you very much) and sitting here I am reminded of “Satchmo” Louis Armstrong.  Strange, you might think considering that we visited Rome with side trips to Poli and Venice(more on all three of those later, now back to the regular scheduled programming…)

It might seem even stranger to think of Satchmo at this time because the reason for the trip was that Drew and Rachel got married.  They had a beautiful ceremony in Poli, Italy (small town of about 2,000 that seems to be still living life a little slower, perhaps in no hurry to catch up with the times)  Poli is a gentle reminder of simpler times, very “Old World” Italy…clotheslines…sitting on stoops…narrow streets with few cars…one bank and ATM…no liquor store (yeah, I know, tell me about it…no worries, wine can be bought anywhere in Italy)…housing stacked on a side of a hill with very steep steps and lots of twists and turns to get there…it was just amazing...yet amazingly beautiful.

And the Brugnoli family were the perfect hosts.  Marco and his wife Titsiana, and their daughter Martina were just remarkable with all they did for the wedding, the preparation, housing us all and on top of that…the food.  Oh my, the food.  It is going to be difficult eating at an Italian restaurant after having all of the delicious home made dishes that Titsiana and Martina served up.  Amazing.  (I think I said that before, so it must have been!)

Did I mention Drew and Rachel got married?  Yes, the wedding was almost as beautiful as their love for each other.  It would be a challenge to find two people more in love and more perfectly matched.  Rachel looked just remarkable in her wedding dress.  Stunning.  Just like her, it was unique in so many beautiful ways…she seemed to glow.  And if Rachel glowed, then Drew was just bursting with love and joy.  Once again, in a style unique and yet very fashionable (but not typical groom attire) Drew stood in front of us all waiting for his bride to be with patience and pride swelling up inside. One look at him, and you knew this was right.  They were right.  You saw the two of them and you may as well have Googled “Love” …because that is what you saw.

But as perfect as everything was, it seemed, in a strange way,  almost secondary to everyone just being together. (not taking away anything from the wedding of course)

Diana and I don’t get to enjoy that luxury very often.  Blake and Yvonne just bought a place of their own in Oslo, Norway.  Drew is pulled in many directions with all that he has going on with work.  And Tyler is “down under” playing soccer in Australia, mate.  So to have the opportunity to be with everyone, including our new daughter Rachel, and her Mother and Dad, who seemed like family before they became “family”, well, it was a treat. Something very special, for a special time in all of our lives.

We walked a lot (boy did we ever…I just figured up that we walked between 9 and 15 miles a day)…we ate a lot…we laughed a lot…and we drank one heck of a lot!  (Yes I do have a new cocktail to report…it is good enough to be the “go-to” drink of the summer…but that will need to wait)   And in between we asked for directions, waited in lines, took a few pictures…then took a few more…

…and cherished each moment and each other.  So here’s to us!  Drew and Rachel…Blake and Yvonne…Tyler (Taylor, inside joke) … Steve and Bee…and Diana and I…


And I say to myself, what a wonderful world…Oh Yeahhhh!!

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  1. Some of us are just fortunate…


  2. That was fabulous, John. Well done!


  3. Looks like a beautiful place to visit…..Loved the pictures and both families are beautiful…


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