Some Investments Pay off With Major Dividends…Time

Funny how time slips away.

I know it sounds kind of clichéd, but it really is kinda strange.  Like trying to “catch raindrops”.  You only have it for a moment.  Or even picking up water with your hands…it’s kind of an illusion.  Time can be the same way.  You can’t hold on to it.

You want it to pass quickly.  You want it to stop.  You want it to reverse.  You want more of it.

Can’t be done.

Of course you realize this at different times throughout your life.  You want to reverse it right at the moment you can see the “wrong words”  leaving your mouth…”ooops, did I say that out loud?”  Or at a special time in your life, you just want to “push pause” and enjoy the moment, savor it, just a little longer.   And sometimes you look forward to the passage of time.  This is especially meaningful as you and your children are growing up…can’t wait to get them out of diapers…let’s get past the “Terrible Two’s”…you are excited about them starting school…then off to College…they meet someone special…they decide to have their family…and all of a sudden you wonder where the time went????  And you want that “reverse” or “pause” button again.  But in a good way.

I was recently reminded about how precious time is and sometimes there are moments when time is invested, and you are glad you made that investment.

During my high school and college days, I often visited with my Grandparents, Nana and Papa.  They had this great old house, small but just perfect.  There were even some nights when I would spend the night with them.  I really saw that as a treat, even at that age.  And when I got married, and my job found me in the neighborhood, I would stop and visit as often as I could…especially if it was around lunch time because I could always count on a “Dollar” sammich.  This is a big thick sammich with lots of meat, lettuce, tomato and whatever I wanted on rye toast.




There was a lot of time that I would sit with Pop in his “TV room”.  He would sit in his rocker with his pipe.  He was a ferocious pipe smoker.  Always lighting it, relighting it, emptying it, tapping it and lighting again.  He sometimes would talk with me while he just smiled and looked into “space”, nodding his head…with a small blue cloud of pipe smoke circling about a foot above his head…telling stories of his “beat” while selling insurance with Prudential.  And how he would collect, concessions he would make for people needing help.  He would even tell me of how sometimes he would pay the insurance premiums for his customers if they weren’t able to at the time.

Inevitably he would want to show me something in the cellar or out in the garage.  That is where he had his stash of bourbon.  In the garage he had 2-3 old aluminum pails hanging from the rafters.  You needed a rake or a long garden tool to get them down.  There were usually baseballs or old tennis balls in 2 of the pails, but in one of the pails he had a bottle of bourbon.  He’d take it down and have a sip…offer me one.  Or we would go in the cellar where he would reach up on a top shelf, (out of NaNa’s reach…she was about 4′ 10″ in heels ) move a few boxes and pull out another bottle, have another sip and wipe the bourbon from his mouth and replace it with a big wide grin and raise his eyebrows up and down real quick.

Somewhere along the line he introduced me to a liquor called Kummel.  He would pour a little into some bourbon and have it over ice. (the bourbon Pop used was never top line…really wasn’t even middle of the road…it was Old Fitzgerald or Old Forester or Old Crow or Old Grand Dad or Old Kentucky or the equivalent of “Old”) I recall him pouring me a glass for the first time.  Having tasted his bourbon, I was a little hesitant to try this stuff Kummel, that I had never heard of…but it wasn’t bad.  As a matter of fact, it cut the cheap bourbon just enough, added a little sweet taste to it and I actually enjoyed it…especially over a few ice cubes.

It got to be a regular for me when I visited over the years, except when I was working, of course.  It was kind of a little “thing” we shared.  It, a bottle of Kummel,  got to be what I would even ask for as a present for my birthday or Christmas.  I enjoyed Kummel, but it mostly was just a reminder of Pop…the time we spent together and the time I had “invested” with him.  The taste or even the smell of it would take me back to that TV room with the cloud of blue pipe smoke…just me ‘n Pop…rockin’ and smilin’.

Kummel is not a very well-known liqueur in the states.  It is much more popular in Europe, especially in Germany and Holland.  It is a clear liquid, a little sweet, with a flavor of caraway seed and hints of fennel and cumin.  It has been years since I had some.  But I recently saw a cocktail recipe that called for it.  So, of course, I gave it a whirl…

Mollifying Effect

  • 2 slices of cucumber, peeled and cubed
  • 7 sprigs of cilantro
  • .5 oz fresh lime juice
  • .25 oz simple syrup
  • .5 oz Kummel
  • 2 oz Hendricks Gin
  • Muddle the cucumber, cilantro and simple syrup with the lime juice in a mixing tin
  • Add the Kummel and Gin and ice
  • Shake, Strain and pour over ice, then top with tonic

This offers a nice introduction to Kummel, mainly because it doesn’t come off too sweet or overpowering. (It is also better this way than with some of PaPa’s cheap bourbon)



I can understand the lack of popularity for Kummel.  It is a nice drink, but there are a lot of others, better ones I can think to have in its place.  For me, I am sure it is the sentiment of it all.  The memories of my grandfather. 

Time spent together. 

Stories he told.

Small blue cloud of pipe smoke.

Cheap bourbon.

Time invested…in my own life.  Sharing it, spending it and gaining as a result.

I hope all my investments pay off this well.


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  1. First time here. Awesome site. Great post.


    • thank you very much,


  2. I can’t remember how we got connected – you and I? It’s funny because I have a job where I’m not allowed to drink or have any alcohol in my home (RV). None the less, I love reading your posts. I’ve never heard of Kummel, but I certainly get the sentiment attached to it.I can’t enjoy a really good Merlot w/o thinking of my cousin who was so appalled that I would occasionally drink white zin that she sent me a Friend Don’t Let Friends Drink White Zin t-shirt. I’ll have to file away your drink recipes for the future, but I enjoy your stories now. Very fun and touching!


    • Thank you Debbie. It makes me feel good when I hear someone enjoys my posts. The cocktails are “filler”. Keep writing, we can all use some Grace.


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