Life is Fragile, Enjoy it…NOW

I travel a bit for my job.  Probably more than most people.  Less than others.   Hop on a plane…hop off.  Different city…rental car, hotel, customer, repeat.

Kind of a no-brainer.  Sometimes it seems I am just programmed to do it, not really stopping to give it much thought.  Just doing what I need to do…another day, another Southwest Airlines flight, another hotel and another dollar.

Then repeat.

Many people do this.  Many do it much more than I.  Professional athletes come to mind.  Road games galore.  Football probably has the fewest.  Baseball…seemingly endless.  Basketball…uh, well this year is the exception.  Hockey.  Wow, another long season, half on the road.  And I am sure the process of getting on a plane is just “going through the motions” of doing what you do.


A while back there was a hockey team who was doing this very thing.  Boarding a plane.  Going to the next game…preparing mentally for their opponent…

But they didn’t make it.

A Russian hockey team, Lokomotiv, was traveling to play Dynamo Minsk.  Two former St Louis Blues players were a part of that Lokomotiv team.  Pavol Demitra (age 36) and Igor Korolev (just turned 41) were on that plane that caught fire, broke in two and crashed.

I am sure they were planning on playing another hockey game.


The other day I got word about a close friend of mine.  Her husband passed away suddenly.  She had gone to bed early.  Something we all do…go to bed.  And I am sure many of us have gone to bed while our spouse or significant other has stayed up a while longer reading, watching a movie or finishing a project for work or home.

Just routine.  Nothing to think about.  Maybe we tell our spouse we love them and give them a kiss.  Or perhaps we yell in from the other room,“hey, going to bed, g’night”.  They might follow to bed shortly…or finish their task at hand…or…

My friends husband never made it to bed.


Our lives really are.  So live.  Live well.  Be thankful for this moment in time…your time.

Each of us is given a gift of life.  We can share it.  Expand on it.  Glorify it.  Ignore it.

We are able to make it truly unique and put “our signature” on it.  We spend our lives, developing and creating our life.

Who we are.  What we are. What we do and with whom.

Don’t waste it…this beautifully unique gift.  Live.  Fully.  Sing.  Cry.  Dance.  Share.  Help.  Shout.  Love.

The greatest of these is love.

Love your life and those in it.  Don’t take it or others for granted. 

I won’t.  I promise.


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  1. It conquers all…nice post!


    • Yes it does, thanks.


  2. Amen my friend.


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