Who Let the Dogs Out?

Things get in the way of LIFE.  Really they do.

Work has been rough.  (That is putting it mildly)  Issues with Mom aren’t easy.  It seems like there is always sumpin’ ya gotta deal with.  And as Ol’ Blues Eyes (Frank Sinatra for the younger crowd) would say…”That’s Life, that’s what they say…you’re riding high in April, shot down in May”!

So, when I need a “pick-me-up”…I just go out to the mailbox.  Uh?  No, I am not expecting a letter from Ed McMahon saying I won the sweepstakes.  (Yes, I know he is dead)

It is because when I come back in the house, I am treated like a Rock Star.  Oh, yeah, my groupies are all over me.  If they could talk, I am sure they would call me “Rock God”.  But they can’t talk…not exactly.  You see, when I come back in the house, no matter how long I have been gone, I have one of the best welcoming committees greeting me around.  It doesn’t matter if I went to the grocery store, out of town for a few days, grabbed the paper out of the driveway…whatever…I have 12 legs jumping around, up on me, who are happy to see me.  Yes, 12.  And they belong to 3 individual…dogs.

Hint…ya want an ego-boost…and who doesn’t every now and then…get a dog.

Oh, of course, if Diana is home (Diana is my wife for those who may not know…) she treats me like a Rock Star also…yeah, right.  But most of the time, she is happy to see me come through the front door.  (I am too old to be sneakin’ through the back door any more!)  But if I just go out to the car, she might not notice…however, and there is always a however, Kodi and Weezie and Addikus all notice…and they are not bashful in showing their gratitude that I came back in the house.

Addikus goes and gets a toy to show me.  Kodi is at the door to protect me.  And Weezie, well he just yipes and finally makes his way, as he wobbles, to greet me.

And it feels wonderful.  Brings a smile  to my face.  Makes me realize that no matter how crappy things may seem, or are, this feels good at the moment.

There is a special link between humans and animals…dogs in my case.  There are books written about this. (check out Amazon, or just respond to me and ask…I have read some very amazing ones) There was even a series on TV about it.  Animal Planet had a series called “Saved” about this bond.  Stories about bonds created with our soldiers and pups they “adopted”.  People with life threatening illness who experienced “miracles” through their pets.  Guard dogs.  Family animals who saved their family from a fire in their home….and more…

Often times, we are the ones initially saving the dogs…but they save us, protect us…in so many ways we can not even fathom. If we “people” were as smart as we think we are…we could learn a lot from our dogs…our pets.

Actually, if they taught us, we would learn…

  • When loved ones come home, always run to greet them. 
  • Take naps. 
  • Run, jump, and play daily. 
  • On warm days, stop to lie on your back on the grass. 
  • Life is simple…enjoy it …don’t complicate it.
  • Offer no opinion…no criticism.
  • Be attentive…yet silent.
  • When it is hot, drink more water.
  • When you’re happy, dance around and wag your entire body. 
  • Be loyal.
  • Enjoy a simple ride in the car, hell, be excited.
  • Don’t repress emotion…wag your tail!
  • Never pretend to be something you’re not. 
  • Listen, no need to talk about yourself.
  • No agenda needed.
  • If someone you love is having a bad day, sit by them, love them, be there…words are not needed.
  • Don’t try to change someone, just accept them as they are.
  • If you are happy, wag your tail!

A simple life.  No negotiating.  No self consciousness.  Few disappointments.  Let’s play and run around and lick…sniff…relieve ourselves and on occasion even hump!  Oh, and if ya got a treat, I would like one.  No pretension needed.

We touch them…dogs…they touch our lives forever.

They seldom try to be something they are not…and seldom are something other than what they are…unconditional love…gratitude…acceptance.

Excuse me, I think I need to go get the mail…need an ego boost if you know what I mean! 

And I think you do.


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  1. Aww – I remember Chelsea – the sock eater!


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