What Does Love Smell Like?

Bacon….yummm.  The yummy-ness of it’s taste is often eclipsed by it’s smell while cooking.  The aroma.  Add coffee to that and stand back, it can almost create a cosmic shift.  Yes, for me it is that good.  Orgasmic in nature.

Chocolate covered bacon.  Bacon in pasta.  Bacon infused Manhattan.  BLT (with avocado)  Bacon and Eggs.

That was this morning.  Blake and Yvonne are in town and they got up early (everyone got up earlier than me) and made breakfast.  Bacon and eggs and coffee…yummm, yes.  Imagine pushing yourself out of bed, trudging across the room and into the hallway, then suddenly you are greeted with the hint of a fragrance that can turn my morning around and wake me up in a hurry…bacon…eggs…coffee…oh my!

So I put forth a simple question.  What does love smell like?

I am sure everyone will have a different answer, a personal answer.  One that is meaningful for them.  Individual.  Even quirky, maybe?

This morning love smelled like, yep, you guessed it…Bacon and Eggs and Coffee.

But for me, love smells like many things.  Love doesn’t always smell like Bacon and Eggs and Coffee…and Bacon and Eggs and Coffee doesn’t always smell like love.  Sometimes it just smells good…like breakfast.

I can remember another time, specifically, when love did smell like that.  However, I didn’t realize it at the time.  I just thought it smelled like breakfast…and cigarettes.   Before we were married, I would spend the night at Diana’s parents house.   The couch was always available for me to use.  And whenever I did, each morning, I would be awaken by breakfast being prepared, about twenty-five feet or so, from where I lay my head.  Breakfast usually consisted of bacon, eggs, coffee and cigarettes.  Yes, cigarettes.  While the smell of bacon was undeniably wafting into the room from the kitchen, it was getting one hell of a fight from the blue cloud of cigarette smoke that was hovering over everyone’s head and quickly making its way towards me and my sleepy head.  Cough.  Gag. Choke.  But looking back, that is what love smelled like…bacon, eggs, coffee and cigs.

Speaking of smoke, my grandfather smoked a pipe.  He was a ferocious pipe smoker.  Always lighting, re-lighting, tamping, puffing, emptying, and starting all over again.  If there had been a World Series of pipe smoking, he’d be in the competition.  He was kind of like that Peanuts comic strip character, Pigpen, who had the cloud of dust following him around.  While Papa was anything but a pigpen…he did have a cloud of smoke that seemed to follow him from room to room.  Pipe smoke and Old Spice.  Love smelled like pipe smoke and Old Spice.

My dad was a blue-collar, hard-working construction worker.  Very blue and very hard.  Often working 12-18 hour shifts to get the overtime and extra pay needed to give his family everything he could.  Cigarettes…Sweat…and Inexpensive beer.  When I was young and living at home, love often smelled of cigarette smoke…sweat…inexpensive beer.

As I said, it is very personal.  And, for me anyway, it can often change.  If I smelled cigarettes, sweat and cheap beer now, I am not sure it would have the same effect.

So, I challenge you to think about it.  What does Love smell like?  For me, it has also smelled like:

  • Apple Pie baking in the oven
  • Roast Turkey
  • A dog
  • A baby’s sweet breath (not the puke kind)
  • Christmas cookies baking
  • Potting soil and dirt from planting in the garden
  • Freshly cut flowers, especially as they are given to someone
  • Hot buttered popcorn
  • A scraped knee, elbow or finger
  • Eggplant Parmigiano
  • A certain perfume, cologne, shampoo or conditioner
  • Polish Sausage cooking on the stove
  • The pillow lying on my bed next to me

Love.  It smells like nothing.  And yet it smells like everything.

Kind of magical.  And that makes perfect sense, because it is magical.  And it is also Patient, Kind, without Envy and doesn’t Boast.  Not Proud or Rude and rejoices in Truth.  It Protects…Trusts…Hopes…and Perseveres

…And it smells great.  Sometimes as good as bacon!

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  1. What a fantastic and talented writer you are! I was drawn into this post amost immediately like it was speaking to the truth in my heart so clearly begging me to remember what love smells like.

    To be honest with you, my earliest childhood memory of the love smell came from my Godfather (who was really like my dad). He bathed himself in Brut Cologne everyday. So much so that when we sprayed it on, my mom made him stand outside. I had a wonderful relationship with him… kind of like Daddy’s Little Girl and sadly, he passed away when I was 12. However, to this day (even though I don’t actually like the cologne that much), the scent is actually intoxicating to me. It helps me remember a very special person and transports me to a place filled with the most prescious kind of love and reminds me that I should appreciate those who fill my life with love now, because (not in a creepy way) life is fragile and you never know how much time we have with our loved ones.

    Thanks again. 🙂


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