I Made My List, You Can Do the Same…Happy Father’s Day

It has been a while since I visited the blog-o-sphere to share something.  Unintentional…trust me.

There has been a lot going on.  Good stuff and some “not so”.  Visited Norway, and there will be much more about that wonderful trip with Blake and Yvonne later.

This is about Father’s Day.  This Sunday.  Tomorrow.

And while I want to go on record as saying that a Mother’s job may be one of the most difficult and challenging one around…I think being a Father is one of the best.  Along with being a husband, it has been the most rewarding position I have ever held.  Oh, sure, it has a few traps…got to be careful you don’t fall into them…they can be tough to  climb out of.   But for my money, ain’t nuttin’ better.

I often think about how other Pops think about this.  Do they feel as fortunate as I?  How can you not feel the blessing of having this privelege of being a father?  The opportunity to help make the world a better place?  Leave something for others when you move on…

My Dad is no longer around…since 2001.  I go to thinking about what he left us every now and then.  What he did to help me and the family and to make the world a little better…usually through example.  Here is a partial list I came up with, although I am sure it is incomplete.  I am also sure that each one of you reading this could do the same…make a list.

  • He taught us the value and rewards of hard work.  And that the rewards sometimes need to come from within.
  • Never give up…no matter.
  • Al showed me the importance to give your time to others.  To help, volunteer, coach.
  • He gave me my love for baseball, especially the Cardinals…
  • …and autograph collecting.
  • I learned how to keep score in baseball, on a real scorecard.
  • He showed me how to use a mitre saw and box, the proper way.
  • Al proved to me that “not knowing” is no excuse. He didn’t know much about soccer, but learned from others; He became an electrician by reading library books…
  • Dad introduced the “beautiful game” of soccer to me.
  • He made me use my left foot in playing soccer, and I am glad he did.
  • I learned a strong set of values from my Dad…be honest, be fair; don’t let anyone take advantage of you, and don’t cheat…yourself or anyone else.
  • I learned there is a God, and he is watching over us.
  • Al taught me the importance and meaning of family…blood really is thicker than water.
  • Dad taught me to commit to something is not a short term thing…it it a commitment.
  • A good martini is hard to find.
  • But a good scotch is a good thing to find.
  • I learned that there is no sacrifice that a Father would not make for his family.
  • Be courteous.  Be polite.  Be respectful.
  • Be there if needed.
  • I learned to enjoy music…especially the blues and jazz; Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Thelonious Monk…
  • Al taught me how to appreciate his movies…Dirty Dozen, The Professionals, any Bogart or John Wayne movie, Bridge over the River Kwai…(even though I did not realize it at the time, I do know and I wish I could watch one of these with him now)
  • Love your wife…she will drive you crazy…you will drive her crazy…but love her.  “I do” is not a sometimes thing.
  • I learned that showing emotion is not a weakness, it is a strength.
  • He taught me how to play catcher, and why it is the best position in baseball.
  • He showed confidence in me.  He trusted me.
  • Dad taught me to find my own way…in every way…what I wore, what I ate, drank, stood tall…
  • I got my love of reading from my Dad…he was a voracious reader…I would read a book and pass it to him, he would read one and pass it to me…fun to share with your Pop.
  • We saw “Patton” together…We both cried when we saw “Brian’s Song”.
  • Dad took me to my first baseball game (Cardinals vs Dodgers) and to Stan Musial’s last game.
  • I loved to play catch with him.
  • He showed me to make the “best” out of a situation”, “what the hell”, enjoy yourself and do what you can.
  • Dad instilled the importance of “committment” in me.  Commit to yourself, your family, your team…once you do, you give it all you got until completed…and some things are never completed.
  • My father taught me how to live.  Enjoy life and those around you.  Have fun.  Smile and love.  Most things are good for you…in moderation…so don’t be afraid to try something new for a change…you don’t need to like it or stay with it.
  • And he taught me how to die.  Never complaining.  Head high.  Proud of yourself and your family.  Not asking “why me?”…but feeling that he may be able to leave the world a better place, whether through medical clinical trials or by simply leaving love for others.

A few years ago, Tyler made a video for me on Father’s Day.  He used our family photos and a song by Keith Urban, “Song For Dad”.  I think about that song often, and it takes me to Father’s Day and back to my Dad.

“The older I get
The more I can see
How much he loved my mother and my brother and me
And he did the best that he could
And I only hope when I have my own family
That everyday I see
A little more of my father in me”

Proverbs 23:24 says, “The Father of a righteous child has great joy; a man who fathers a wise son rejoices in him”.

I have fathered wise sons, and I rejoice in them and have great joy.

I hope I gave my Dad as much joy as he gave me.


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  1. Very well said John!!! Happy Fathers Day to you.


  2. Awesome, well said!
    Happy Fathers day John!


    • And the same tro your household…thank you.


  3. Great read! The list is valuable. A good list to share with all. Thanks.


    • As can imagine, I had to edit a bit…


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