And Now, Batting Fourth and Playing Left Field…

 for the St Louis Cardinals…Matt Holliday…

And you know I like my chicken fried, cold beer on a friday night, a pair of jeans that fit just right, and the radio on…

Walk up music.  Anyone who has been to a baseball game in recent years knows what it is.  It is the music that is played over the PA system at a baseball game while the next batter heads to the plate.  It is kind of another “announcement”.

At Busch Stadium the sounds of hometown Grammy winner Nelly fill the park when another home-grown winner comes to the plate…David Freese walks up to “Click Clat“…

Ain’t no time for stopping, see that green light, let’s go

The walk up music has become quite popular in recent years.  It is just about 20 – 30 seconds worth of the song, enough to let the fans recognize the music, maybe pump them up, maybe pump up the player.  Sometimes it can be a statement about the player, such as Lance Berkman using Johnny Cash’s “God’s Gonna Cut You Down“.  (Lance Berkman is a Christian).  Or Adam Wainwrights song by Alabama, “Song of the South”.  (Adam hails from Georgia…the south…get it?).

Many players use “Welcome to the Jungle”, such as Carlos Beltran,  perhaps as a way to get them “pumped” and get the fans into it.  Or maybe just because it is fun.  Superstitions have always played a role in sports, so there might be some songs used for those reasons.  And there are closers throughout the league using songs such as “Lights Out”, “Enter Sandman”, “Game Over” and Europa’s big hit (only hit?) “The Final Countdown“.

I have often asked others, usually there has been alcohol involved, what they would use as their “walk up song”.  This usually gets some kind of excited reaction…and some perplexed faces.  You start giving it some thought.  “Beautiful Day” by U2?  “Born to Run” by Springsteen?  Wagner’s “Flight of the Valkyries” as used in the infamous ‘I love the smell of napalm in the morning” scene in Apocalypse Now?  Or how about Bon Jovi’s “Livin’ On a Prayer”?  Or if you prefer “more cowbell” with your music you could use the Blue Oyster Cult’s cult favorite, “(Don’t Fear) The Reaper”.

The possibilities are endless.  And so is the thought and effort that goes into some of the choices.

So, it got me to thinkin’…what about mine?

Yesterday I got my haircut with my favorite stylist…Drew…my son for those ill-informed.  He mentioned the music he would recently listen to in order to get him ready for the day.  Not to go out at night.  Nothing about what to listen to while he is working out, or running.  Just getting ready for the day.  To get excited about what lies ahead.  Prepare him for the next challenge…what lies ahead.

What a great approach to the day!  Have your “walk up” music for the day!

So, if that would work for the day, how about walk up music for your life?!?!?  How great would that be?  Make a statement about you and your approach to life.  And it could change according to your “needs” or your approach, not to home plate, but to your challenges…your family…your faith…your attitude…your convictions.

Maybe not just one song.  Perhaps it becomes a soundtrack of walk up music…a playlist.  Each cut representing a different aspect of you…who you are…what you do…your love…your stance…your values and belief system.

Would Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin'” make the cut?  How about the theme from Rocky, “Gonna Fly Now”?  “Good Vibrations” could be on someone’s list.  “In My Life” by the Beatles is a beautiful song as is Keith Urban’s “Song for Dad“.  I love the Dave Matthews tune “You and Me”.  That song and the Pearl Jam ballad “Just Breathe” reminds me of Diana and the boys, and I would have to consider that one for my walk up playlist.

The possibilities are endless…or only limited to any recorded music, which is fairly limitless when you consider everything out there…electronic…classic rock…urban…country…gospel…heavy metal…

So, how about it?  Your walk up music?  What’s it gonna be?

Paganini Rocks?  Or Fraggle Rock?

Go on…have some fun…we all deserve our own walk up music.  Not just baseball players!

“And tonight, entering the game as a pinch hitter, John Schaefering…”

(cue the music…”Rumble-69″ by Link Wray)



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  1. I love it!! Let me know when you’re in Chicago- we need to catch up over lunch. Hope all is well. Happy 4th.


    • hey thanks, I hope you are doing well, sorry we did not touch base a while back…you got time this week?


  2. Great post. Lots to think about in terms of my walk up music. I just don’t know, but will have a great time considering all the options! Have read this one twice – it’s a fun-to-ponder one! And . . . go Cards!


    • Thanks Deb, let me know what you come up with…


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