Why I Pray

At different times in my life, and maybe you have too, I have found myself praying more often than others.  Usually there had always been a “reason”, or a trigger that brought it about.  But the older I get, it seems like the more I pray…without an agenda.

Just pray.

Remember the song, “Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy”?  Of course you do and you are probably wondering what this has to do with praying…

The artists, Big and Rich, recently recorded a song that got me thinking about “why I pray”.  Really thinking about it.

Have you ever given it much thought?  Yeah, neither had I.  Until recently.  I heard the song and it made me wonder about “Why I Pray”.

I guess my “prayer” trigger has changed.  I recall there was a time when I would pray for help on a test…or to win the next game…get a hit…score a goal…land a job…

Notice a trend?  Wanting something…for me???

Well, some things haven’t changed that much.  But here is what I find myself praying for lately…

  • I pray for us…we need help, all of us.
  • I pray because I can.  And I pray for those who served our country so that I can pray…to my God.
  • I pray for others… strangers…those who need it…I see them on the street, TV, newspapers


  • I pray we treat each other better…and we that treat our pets and animals better.
  • I pray to give thanks.  For nourishment, for shelter, for safety, for health.
  • I pray for help because I can’t always help myself.
  • And I pray because I can’t help myself…but to pray.
  • For humility, I pray.


  • Sometimes I pray just to give thanks…in general.
  • Being thankful for my life, my love, my family is why I pray.
  • I pray because I am loved.
  • I pray for those who don’t and those who won’t.
  • I pray for a cure for disease, hatred, hunger, inequality, fear, abuse and sadness.
  • I pray that I can help someone, make a difference in someone’s life…make them smile or laugh…take away their sadness…fry a few tears.
  • When I need strength.  I pray.  When I need direction.  I pray.  When I need protection…I pray a lot.
  • If there is inclement weather…I pray…just not for myself.  But for the relief of heat, cold and rain for those effected.


  • I pray for those who live in fear.  Some know it, others fail to realize it…so I pray for them.
  • When I hear of tragedies…I pray for the families and I pray for us…all of us.
  • I pray for hope.
  • I pray for courage to do the right thing.  To stand up.


  • Victims, of all kinds, receive my prayers.
  • I pray for Diana and Blake and Yvonne and Drew and Tyler.  For my mother and my brothers Tom, Pete, Dan and Craig and their families.  For my friends and their families.  Team mates, co-workers and I pray for you.
  • I pray because it feels like the right thing to do…it feels good.

So…”That’s Why I Pray”.

How about You?

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  1. I love this and may read it to my Sunday school class. Thank you.


    • Oh wow, I would be honored. Seriously. It would really make me feel special. And we can all use a dose of “special” every now and then. Hope you are well, thank you. You have made my day.


  2. Thanks for the list. Amazingly on target. Not only am I unsure about my walk-up music, I am also unsure about the exact reason why I pray. But you have given all much food for thought. Excellent.


    • I am confident in your ability to choose both your music and your list and they both will be wonderful


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