Naughty? Nice?

The question on everyone’s mind this time of year isn’t about the fiscal cliff…it is whether you have been Naughty or Nice.

So, which is it?

I imagine, like most of us, it may be a little of each if you are honest with yourself.  At least that is what I was told by many young hockey players the other day.

See, Diana needed a “Santa” for a hockey skating class she teaches at St Peter’s Rec Plex.  It is a bunch of beginners learning to skate better to get to the next level of play.  Ages range from about 4-5 to maybe 10-11 years old.  And for the pre-Christmas session, she rented a Santa outfit (complete with padding of course) but she needed someone to fill it.

Enter John.

I must admit, I was a bit nervous.  Wanting so bad to be a good Santa.  Practicing my “HO-HO-HO” and exactly what voice to use.  Anyway, it was really heartwarming…and knee-warming because they all sat on my knee.  (I know a couple of them let loose with a stink bomb on my knee also…Naughty to fart on Santa’s knee)

Playing Santa, seeing those innocent faces and their eyes light up really made me feel good.  Which I can never get enough of lately…good feelings.  Oh, of course there were a few annoying youngsters…attention grabbers.  But most of those little ones were very polite, respectful, waited patiently…even when I asked if a couple of the young men would mind if a few little sisters saw Santa while they waited.  I was impressed and again, I smiled to myself at their gentlemanly conduct.

Here are a few other things that made me smile:

  • When I asked one youngster “What do you want to see on Christmas Eve”, he replies,“Mrs. Claus”!!!!
  • I engaged the group to recall the names of all of the reindeer that help out Santa on Christmas Even.  I got Prancer, Rudolph, Donner…then one young man says “Joshua”!  I said I think he was in the bible, and not a reindeer.
  • I was told what many of them want to get as presents.  And some are not that picky…many just want to be surprised.
  • When I asked one little girl what her favorite thing about Christmas was, she replied…“It is when baby Jesus was born”.  (I choked up a bit there..well done Mom and Dad…you “get it”)
  • And more than a few of them were honest when I asked them if they have been Naughty or Nice…they said they were Nice most of the time.  (same answer when I asked if their room was clean and if they mind their parents…most of the time)  It is tough not to appreciate honesty in the world, especially from little ones.

So that is what brought me to the question of the day…”Naughty or Nice?”

I hope most of us can answer like some of those innocent ones who saw Santa at the ice rink…“most of the time”.

Sometimes that is all you can ask for. Do the best you can do.  Care for each other and yourself.  At the end of the day, look in the mirror and be able to smile at what you see, and be happy with it.

It is not always easy.  But nothing worthwhile ever is.  But like what you may find under the tree…life is a gift.

Life is a wonderful and precious gift.  Treat it as such and treat others that way also.

Merry Christmas everyone.  Take care of one another and be Nice as much as you can!


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