Do What You Love, Trust Me


I have discovered that I enjoy this.  This writing, blogging thing.

Since Blake set this up for me about 2 1/2 years ago, I have found quite a bit of enjoyment and satisfaction out of simply writing down my thoughts and sharing them on  I know that sometimes what I write is read by others…and sometimes it is read only by me.  And that’s okay.  That is why I do it…I think…for me…

A short while back, a long time friend of mine, we will call her Deb-Deb, sent me a message saying she enjoyed reading my writings and wondered why I wrote.  She quickly answered herself by saying, “nevermind, I think I know why”.  Shortly after that I discovered she also had a blog…so I follow her and several others on WordPress.

But the question,“why I write”, is still out there…

When Blake set this up for me, he said he did it so I could share recipes.  He knew I liked to cook and experiment in the kitchen, so why not share the results with others?  And that is how it began…but it has evolved into a number of musings about life and “stuff” like that. Cocktails, music, food, inspirations, family…yeah, “stuff like that”.


A number of years ago I read a book “Do What You Love, The Money Will Follow”.  It is a good book, a good read.  There are a lot of meaningful points in the book for each of us.  Using our skills and unique talents in order to fulfill our passion and advance our careers is   “spot on” advice.  However, the author Marsha Sinetar, doesn’t say how much money will follow…  So, in theory the concept is very wise and feels warm and fuzzy, but in application, well let’s just say there are a lot of “starving artists” who may disagree with Marsha.

Now, putting that aside, I think there are great rewards in “doing what you love”.

And perhaps that is where I begin to find my answer to , “why I write”.  I enjoy it.  Now that hasn’t always been the case.  In school, I hated it.  I was not very good according to the Jesuits at St. Louis University High School.  And by grammatical standards, and Strunk and White, they may have been “spot on”. (yeah, I knda like that term, sorry)  I started writing more and feeling comfortable with it when I worked at Maritz Motivation Company in St Louis.  It was a little more fun than some of the writing I had to do in school and the Jesuits weren’t there to criticize.  Although I did refer to Strunk and White quite often.

A turn here.  Change direction there.  Stop.  Go.  Yield.  Back up.  It brings me to where I am now.  Writing today.  And I enjoy it.  Although I am still not 100% sure “why I write”.  Got an idea though.  I do find it peaceful.  Also it is relaxing.  Stress-free?  Yep.  A reminder of “good stuff” and “nice things/times”…you bet.

I guess I do know “why I write”...DUH!?!?!  I simply enjoy it.  No secret to it.  Very simple.

Marsha Sinetar’s advice about “Doing What You Love”, is good sound advice we can all take.  Forget the money part…well for the sake of this discussion anyway…this is about something that money can not buy you.  It is about feeling good about what you are doing…yourself…your work…life and being.  It is about love and faith, relaxing and enjoying those around you.  We can all stand to do something that is stress-free and relaxing.  Find a little time and as that ancient Roman philosopher, Nike, once said, “Just Do It”.

“Do What You Love”

Has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?  I believe I am going to give it a go and follow that advice…

…with myself…my wife… my children…my friends…and you.

So there may be more postings on WordPress to come.

Next up: Got to work on that money following thing…(sigh and grin)







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