Life is What Happens…

Hello, it’s me.  I took a little self-inflicted sabbatical from Word Press.  It wasn’t thought out or planned.  Just happened.

Like John Lennon’s lyrics to the song “Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy)” which I referenced in the title above,

Before you cross the street
Take my hand
Life is what happens to you
While you’re busy making other plans

This is one of my favorite songs.  Amazing and emotional, for me.  Probably because I can relate to it as a father.  It doesn’t matter that I have three sons (boys still), if you have a daughter, you can still relate to it.  Which brings me to my other reason I have been absent from these pages.

I/We have a grand daughter!  Yes, Blake and Yvonne had a beautiful baby girl on August 2.  Lumen.  A very fitting name for this first grand child since she can bring light and joy into our world with a simple smile and glisten in her eye.  Even through the magic of Skype and Face time.  For those uninformed, Blake and Yvonne, and now Lumen, live in Norway.  So Diana and I do not get to experience the full “grand parent treatment” that we would like.  So, we make the best of it with the technology today and hope we see one another as much as possible.

Back to the song by John Lennon…

The lyrics talk about having a child, being patient, protective, teaching and experiencing life.  It also talks about growing up and coming of age.

I guess these are reasons I get excited about being a grandfather…or as it is in Norway, Far Far (Father’s father).  I will have new experiences, as will Diana, Blake and Yvonne.  Because these are experiences you can only understand if you are a parent and have gone through this.  I realize that most individuals will say,”I know what you mean”, even if they are not parents or just recently became one.  BUT YOU DON’T.  YOU CAN NOT understand.  It is not possible until you go through it.  It is like saying I understand what the color blue looks like without ever seeing it.  Or what an apple pie tastes and smells like without tasting or smelling one.  So just let it happen.  And the experience will come over you.  You will be washed in the joys of parent hood…and it’s many challenges and life experiences.

Blake and Yvonne will be amazing parents.  I have already seen it.  In their eyes.  Their touch.  Their hearts.  Smiles and frustrations…when they are helpless and can not do anything.  Their lives are changing, and I/we will feel the effects.

We will all feel life as never before.  We will all experience things again…again for the first time.

Amazing.  Beautiful.  Love.

And as life changes, and as you experience life through the life of a child, you suddenly understand.  You realize things.  The light bulb is il-Lumen-ated. You hear the words of someone else.  Someone who has been there before.  A veteran at this stuff.  Be it as a parent or a grandparent.


I say this because I still see the faces and hear the voices and words of my parents and Diana’s parents.  And I often think, “perhaps I should have…Or wow, they knew what they were talking about…And, hmm, that makes sense”.  And they did not have Google, YouTube or the internet!!  Impressive indeed.

So, yep, life changes and we do too.  You realize why things were/are important.  Undertsand actions and feelings with a different perspective.  And know the importance of holding on as long as you can…to that little hand…that smile…the heart and the life…

…the life that changed you.  That forms us into what we are.  What we have become.

John Lennon was right.  “life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans”.  It goes by fast.  So hold on tight and enjoy it, Blake and Yvonne.

And the rest of you.  Parents or not.  Enjoy life and the life of those who have made you.  Helped to form you as the person you have become.

Here’s to our lives…let’s enjoy it.  Cheers!  Skol!



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  1. Beautiful and heartfelt. I could really feel your awe and pride through your words. 🙂

    Welcome back and a CONGRATS! Have you been able to go and meet Lumen yet?


    • Yes we have. She is beautiful, of course. We went to Oslo in August and they are coming for Thanksgiving


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