A Good Man, Isn’t That Hard to Find

A good man recently passed away.  Actually, I am sure there were several who did.  But I know of one.

I went to his wake.  Saw his family and a few friends.  Everyone seemed at peace.  And it made me think.  He was a good man. Really, he was.  This is not a cliche`.  A smile or an acknowledgement.  A word or three, not many.  And a helping hand.  A good man, whom I never heard anyone say a negative thing about.  

It made me think…how fortunate I am.  I have had a good life.  Beautiful, loving family.  Close knit, enjoying times together.  God has been good to me.

And I have been blessed to have been around a lot of good men.  Men who were there for their families.  Setting an example with their words and actions.  Putting meaning into their life and into the lives of those around them.  Men I knew growing up and men I know today.  Some I knew in my youth as coaches, and some from the neighborhood.

Good men.  Men like Dick Greiner, John Cordia, Jim O’Brien, John Walch and Jerry Kluge.

Men like Bob Guelker, Ebbie Dunn and Pat McBride.  Dick Zelle, Dan Fitzgerald and Bob Hess.  Men doing for others…without fanfare…without second thought…quietly, softly, unspoken.

These are good men.  Good men whom have been in my life at some point or another, showing me how to live.  Each contributing their own chapter.  Their own meaning.  Long or short.  Big or small.  Contributions from them all.

And there are others.  Many others.  Too many to mention.  Scott Whetzal.  Steve Hadfield. Joe Scheck.  Francis Flynn.

Yeah, hard working, hard loving, caring men.  Good men.  I count my blessings to have been around them.  Learning and living.  Not everyone can say this.  Many people might go a lifetime without being around one good man.  Without an example to learn and live by.  Showing the way.  The way to God.  To life.  To love.  And the way to treat others with respect.  Not saintly or perfect, but a man.  A good man.

Not me.  I have had this kind of man in my life.  In addition to those I mentioned, and some I forget to mention.  I was raised by a good man. Al Schaefering.  A very good man.  And as an added bonus, I married the daughter of a very good man.  Adrian Stahl.  Both similar, but different.  As Yogi Berra, the famed baseball philospher and catcher once said, “Their differences are similar”.  They did for others.  Loved deeply.  Worked hard and enjoyed life and those around them.  

Yep.  I have been blessed many ways and this is one of them.  So have many others.  Many of us are surrounded by good men.  We just need to open our eyes and our hearts to see them. 

So when you do open yourself to seeing these good men in your life, tell them.  Tell them they are a good man.  You appreciate that. You are thankful for what they have shown you and done for you.  They have made a difference in your life.

Tell them today, or soon.  Because one day you may forget.  Or they won’t be there for you to tell.   And it is important for them to know they have made a difference.

It is important for them to know they are a good man.




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  1. Another outstanding and shared life lessons from an caring man who lives a life of Faith and fidelity; and who is quick to honor and acknowledge the positive influences in his life! Thank you, John Schaefering! Love in Christ Jesus, Mark and Sally Kay Demling


    • As always, thank you


  2. I truly agree with you in your comment that it is a blessing when we are around good men. And I have been blessed to have learned life lessons from a variety of good men – your father included – that helped me figure out the type of person that I wanted to be – needed to be – am. As a youngster, I thought I became who I am all on my own. Now, I know that it is only through the helping hands of others that I have grown and prospered.

    Thanks for sharing a good post, good man.


    • Thanks Deb, that means a lot. It really is amazing how different we see things as we get older, er I mean wiser. Hope you are well.


  3. I don’t know how I stumbled across this but it was very touching.
    Kathryn Ohl


    • Kathy, I am not sure either , but thank you , I am glad you did!


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