Doctor, My Eyes…

Hey doc, I have had some problems with my eyes lately.  Vision?  No it is still, well the same.  No changes there, I still need my glasses to read the backs of the jerseys for Cardinals and Blues games.  This is a little more complicated…

It seems like they “water” up a little more then they used to.  What?  No, not on a regular basis.  Just at certain times.  Perhaps special times.  And actually I haven’t really seen a pattern.  It can just happen.

No, it doesn’t really effect my sight.  Except that my eyes are “hitting the flood stage”, if that makes sense.

When?  Hmmm.  Not real sure I can say.  Sometimes it is a memory.  Perhaps a simple thought.  Or a kind word.  Occasionally it can be a desire, a remote hope…a dream and a wish.

Family history?  Well, my Mother is a bit complicated.  Yes, still alive, but her mind is not what it used to be.  Memory is failing her…she knows it.  She laughs and sings and God help us, she dances…watch those hips and do not fall!  Never seen these symptoms with her.  Acts tough, but a real softie, like many mothers.

My dad?  Deceased, 2001.  “The big C”.  Marine.  Disciplinarian.  Blue collar.  Union man, electrician.  Thought Patton walked on water along with Clint Eastwood, John Wayne, Humphrey Bogart and Jesus Christ.

Whoa.  Hold on.  I do recall as he got older he had a similar issue with his eyes.  At times they had a tendency to get swelled up and on occasion they would, well you know, they would tear up a bit…but c’mon, not that way.  Really?

So you think, perhaps it is my dad’s fault?  Not my problem?  I mean, well, you know…

I recall the things that seemed to move him were similar to those that are around me when my eyes tend to well up.  A special moment to cherish…a simple card or special word from someone…a unique gift or thought…a special memory that is etched in your being, and probably will never be repeated…yeah, that kind of stuff.

Uh?  No, those were the types of things that made my Dad, the Marine, a little emotional.  Not me.

Really?  They are the same type of things I said were affecting me? Are you sure?  Oh, okay, so what can you do for my eyes, doc?  Nothing?  Not sure what you mean by “it is all me”.  Do you mean it is not my Dad’s fault?  No?  Is there a cure, or some type of medicine?

Hmm.  So you are telling me that this is not a problem?  It is a blessing?  It is a reflection that I have a lot to be thankful for and many in my life who are special?  It means that I am living a life that far too many people never get to experience?  You are saying that I should get on my knees and be thankful for those around me and the love I receive in my life?   I am fortunate.

Doc, thank you for that diagnosis.  I actually feel better and now I see things a bit differently…using much more than just my eyes.  But what is that tune you are humming?  Wait a minute…ELP…Emerson Lake and Palmer?

He went to fight wars
for his country and his king

of his honour and his glory
the people would sing.

what a lucky man he was

Yes, Doc I am.  Thank you for the reminder.  I needed that.

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